Fire Kills Campaign


Our brief was to come up with a campaign idea for ‘Fire Kills’. We had to consider innovative ways of delivering the message, and develop one ‘media’ solution to concept stage. (eg a viral video or game, a competition or quiz, a tv ad, poster series etc)

Our campaign had to effectively communicate the six key learning objectives of the Fire Kills initiative:
o Plan your escape root
o Have a Plan B!
o Keep objects out the way of doors
o Close internal doors
o Get out, stay out!
o Keep keys to hand


We started by brainstorming various concepts and ideas we could base our solution on. An idea we all believed was very strong was a first person game, inspired by the game ‘Mirrors Edge’. The objective of the game being find a way out of a virtual surrounding in the most time efficient possible. 

Our idea- House Inferno 

Our idea was to create an interactive web based game, heavily inspired by Mirrors Edge.



The design on the game is very clean, the colour theme being white and red. Within the game there will be choices highlighted in red, which will result in different outcomes. This captivated one of the main objectives; Plan your escape root . Our idea also included iPhone integration, where the user would initially plan two routes. This would cover the objective of having a plan B. When playing out this route on the web based game, problems would occur, such as objects obstructing your escape route, or it would take more time for the user to locate his keys, causing the fire to build up around the player. This portrays the key objectives; Keep objects out the way of doors, close internal doors and keep keys to hand. The fire will not be seen in the game, but it would be heard, and would gradually get louder, and the surrounding would become darker due to the smoke produced by the fire. The aim would be to get out of the building in the least amount of time, and to stay out. 


In my opinion, our presentation went very well. Together our group described our concept in a very detailed way. Initial nerves were overcome as we all pitched in to get as much information across as possible. I enjoyed working with my group as together we came up with some very initiative ideas, and our final idea was very simple yet effective. The mock ups made on Photoshop illustrated our idea clearly, and helped give an idea of our design idea.

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