Fonts- Portfolio website progress


I wanted the focal point of the homepage to my portfolio website to be the navigation bar, and this was going to be placed in the center of the page. I decided I wanted a simple yet effective font which would keep the viewer on my page. The fonts I believed worked best in white, against my simple grey background, were Denne Shuffle Euro Hollow, Peach Milk and thisfontlookslikeelephant (all from

After adding and re sizing my fonts to get my desirable look, they produced my navigation page;


I have been using HTML  and CSS to achieve this layout so far. I would like to incorporate some JavaScript and Jquery into the webpage later on, in order to make it more interactive and appealing to the user.

Instead of having many pages, I have decided to make the website a single page that is separated into sections. This I feel gives the site a professional feel and keeps the theme of simplicity. So far I have created the layout of the website and have been mainly focusing on the navigation bar on the page.

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