Channel Project- Brief

We have been given a new brief to complete in groups. Our task is to speculate into the future and design an online video channel with a defined audience in mind. We are to design the site branding and sample video/ audio content. This brief will help improve our skills with the html 5 & CSS3 because we have to produce a complementary website as well. Over the last few weeks we have been participating in editing workshops, working with both audio and video which can come to use in this project.

We began by brainstorming many idea’s, however only 2 stood out from the rest. Originally we came up with the idea of an informative/Mockumentary channel, highlighting the dangers of unintentional teleportation in a humorous and comedic way. Our main focus would be on a character, named Geoff who would be affected by the unintentional teleportation ‘Glitch’. It would have been my role to make mock social media accounts, such as twitter and instagram for Geoff. After developing this idea further it became a concern of ours that the idea was very complex and would not work if the humor side of the acting did not perform well on screen. After deliberation we decided on changing the idea completely.

Our final idea chosen by the group was to mimic a travel agency/advertisement company offering humans to migrate to our fictional Earth like planet, Alpha Centauri. The channel will be promoting the planet using advertisement videos of the planet, showing footage containing landscape shots of Earth and presenting a comparison between run down areas of Earth and scenic areas of Alpha Centauri. The webisodes will also explain the history of how our planet was founded, and why we are encouraging people of Earth to emigrate to a new, less damaged planet.

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