Channel Project- Makeup

Today we filmed at Cranbourne House for one of our videos. As two other members of the group were participating in most of the filming, this video required more of a group presence as well as actors outside of our group. Our videos would show the beautiful scenery of Alpha Centauri, trying to persuade people to move there, and also run down areas of Earth, reminding humans that Earth will be demolished as it is extremely damaged. One of our videos would present the happy lives of the people who now live on our fiction planet Alpha Centauri, and they would give their opinion on why this planet is an ideal place to live.

Some of the people filmed for this video were outside our group and were asked to do some acting along with three members of our own group. I used makeup to create a distinguishable futuristic look, somewhat inspired by the futuristic and over the top costumes used in The Hunger Games.

Screen shot 2012-04-11 at 14.56.30

I made a few sketches beforehand in order to record what kind of idea I wanted to produce in terms on makeup. I decided using bright colours and patterns would work well as they make the characters easily recognised as people not from Earth.



12728_10152183608577380_1150332945_n 1508562_10152183608587380_142561864_n 1609838_10152183608622380_1392584895_n 1800193_10152183608607380_1260193763_n 1800353_10152183608597380_180218743_n 1901599_10152183608592380_1680158353_n


These stills from the video footage do not do justice to the makeup as it appeared much more vibrant in real life and the footage. I believe I did quite a good job in varying the styles and making the looks as unique as possible.

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