Kinetic Typography Progress

I experimented with After Effects to make a lyrics video using kinetic typography. I found the process was quite complicated and could easily get confusing. I had to make over 40 layers of text, and synch these layers with the audio. It soon became quite confusing as I could not find a way to put the layers in folders.


I soon started to change the colour labels in order to create a sense or organization. I found it quite difficult to synch the text with the audio as the music changed tempo a lot. I managed to synchronise it as close as possible. I also added a colour gradient background, which I changed the position of within the video in order to give the video a sense of movement.


I downloaded the font Peach Milk from dafont which I used for the video as it was more aesthetically pleasing than any other default font.

I found that the audio I used had a long introduction of just instruments, so I decided to cut some out, however found it did not flow well, so using the waveform I changed audio levels so it transitioned into the music.

This is my finished video-

Overall I enjoyed working with After Effects and kinetic photography, I believe with more practise I could develop more skills and use them  to create better pieces of work. Next time I would look at how to transition between different backgrounds, and also how to move the camera instead of the text layers in order to give a more 3D look.

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