Photo Composition – Depth of Field

As a part of our mini briefs we looked at photgraphy, and how important composition is when taking a photograph.

Depth of field is the range, of objects in the view of your camera that are in focus. Objects in front of this range are out of focus as well as objects behind the range. The depth of field would then extend from a couple of feet to infinity and for all practical purposes would be infinitely deep.  This is often referred to as a ‘near-far composition.

There are many things that create Depth of Field;

  • Aperture size. Large aperture opening will have shortest or shallowest depths of field, whereas smaller opening will have a bigger depth of field.
  • Lens type.  Wide angle lenses will tend to have a greater depth of field, as will longer telephoto lenses.
  • Focal distance. If the absolute focus point is set on a point less than a few feet from the camera you will have a much shallower depth of field than if your focal point is 10 meters or more from the camera.

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