Photography mini brief

As part of this project we were to take part in a found alphabet photography task.  Our brief was to “spend time outside looking for ‘naturally-occurring’ shapes which can be photographically framed as letters from the alphabet. I decided to walk through Bournemouth gardens and the beach in order to capture letters which make my name. As easy as this sounds I personally found it quite difficult to see objects in a different light and look at things a little closer. I also found it was quite difficult as I used my mobile phone camera, therefore not capturing amazing shots.


I did eventually find some letters, however I believe to execute this task, or any photography task properly I would need a lot more time and a better camera, as my photos were not very impressive. I would definitely re-do this project over the summer or in my own time as it seems like with the right time and equipment it could be an enjoyable project to do.


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