Design Iterations

Design is a process

According to, the primary and long-standing sense of the noun process is “a series of progressive and interdependent steps by which an end is attained” or, more particularly, “a series of operations performed in the making of a product.”

Iterative design is a process which involves a steady refinement of the design based on user testing and other evaluation methods. It has been acknowledged that user interfaces should be designed using an iterative process in almost all cases as it is very uncommon to design a user interface that has no usability problems from the start (Bury, 1984). Even the best designers cannot design perfect user interfaces in a single attempt, therefore a process should be built around the concept of iteration (Buxton, W., and Sniderman, R., 1980) (Gould, J.D., and Lewis, C.H., 1985).


In order to explore this method of design and to demonstrate our understanding of the process we will be developing a piece of interactive information graphics for a shared public space, which will illustrate and explain an idea or concept we perceive as key to our 21st century media experience. This unit will also help create an understanding of how people react to and understand the graphics we create, and how people experience our work in an environment.


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