Independent Dorset Ideas

As a group we began by creating a visual brainstorm consisting of our research on key geographic locations and key historical features of Dorset and how they can link together in order to create an identity for Dorset.



We looked at;

  • Mary Shelleys Frankenstein
  • The Cerne Abbas Giant
  • Corfe Castle
  • Lord of the Rings- inspired by Dorset scenery
  • Pirate History in Dorset
  • Durdledoor and Old Harry Rocks
  • UFO sightings in Dorset

As a group we looked at how some of these features interlinked with each other, such as how the Pirate History influenced the naming of Old Harry Rocks, and how Corfe Castle influenced some of the scenery used in Lord of the Rings. Eventually we decided to go for the concept of UFO sightings, and how people may believe the Cerne Abbas Giant was created by something extra terrestrial.



Our rough poster design was very simple yet effective. We decided to go with the theme of UFO sightings and use the Cerne Abbas Giant as it was humorous and therefore will interest our target audience, students, more. We used the slogan “Believe in an Independent Dorset” as the word believe implies a concept of trust, we also played on the idea of believing in the reports of UFO sightings in Dorset.

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