Processing – Conditionals & Variables

We have been exploring the use of nested for loops, conditional statements and rotation. We started by learning the process of creating rotating patterns using shapes, changing the colour mode, and translating the point of axis to change the rotation patterns.

I started by using a nested for loop to create a grey scale, semi opaque grid background. A for loop controls a sequence of repetitions. From this I also discovered how to use integers and floats, as well as about using the colour mode HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness). Here you will see we also experimented with the smooth() function, this draws all geometry with smooth (anti-aliased) edges.

Capture Capture2

We then explored the rotate() and translate() functions. Using the translate function we changed the origin (0,0) from the top left of the canvas to the centre by dividing it by 2 (width/2,height/2).  When changing the hue we also make use of the modulo (%) operation.

Capture3 Capture4


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