Independent Dorset- Final Posters

As a group we produced our posters on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


This poster was primarily influenced by the image of the Cerne Abbas Giant. We used this image as it was a memorable feature of Dorset, as it was humorous, and we believed this would relate to our younger audience (especially the presence of giant genitals). Our poster was also influenced by UFO sightings in Dorset, we also believed this would take a humorous approach. For the poster we used Photoshop to make the image look as realistic as possible. The font we used was similar to that of the X Files font.



This second poster was a much more sensible approach to the brief, however we decided to still include the Cerne Abbas Giant just to give the poster some personality as it could come across a bit too plain and serious. This was influenced by a poster made for the Independent Scotland campaign, however we decided to change the background from a block colour, to a grassy field as this would relate to Dorset more.

_75252524_13216331683_e1a4fa86bb_b(Independent Scotland campaign poster)

After conducting some research and people shadowing in the foyer, we decided on where would the best position to place our posters be.

IMG_20141016_155044900 IMG_20141016_155058490

We decided on placing one poster on the side of a vending machine, which is front facing a water fountain. We found that people often used the water fountain to either drink water or fill up a water bottle, at these times people are idle and looking around the space. This poster worked well as the bright colours stood out against the dark background of the machine. We placed our second poster on a pillar directly facing the queue at Costa Cafe, as this is where people were most idle, waiting to buy from the cafe. This was a great space to put our poster, however the colours on the poster were very dark in contrast to the light background, and did not stand out very well. The colours of the poster is something we would definitely change next time.

References- jpg


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