Independent Dorset Analysis

After conducting research and analysing the effectiveness of our posters, it was clear that the space we had chosen was not ideal for the type of posters we had produced.

We analysed the behaviour of the people in the area in order to see which parts were most busy and at what times. It was obvious that there was a large flow of staff and students in the area at either 10-5 to or 10-5 past every hour, when people were rushing to get to their destinations, however at times in between, and after 5pm, the area is quite empty. We noticed that the people going through the area would not pay attention to their surroundings at all, however people waiting in the queue for Costa or sitting in the chairs were almost always in groups, and were preoccupied in conversation with each other.

We also noticed the surrounding itself was extremely busy, with already a lot of posters and activity on the walls. The walls themselves were coloured orange and white, so next time posters created could be made to contrast the colour of the walls. The posters on the wall were very brightly coloured, and due to the extensive amount, very distracting. The walls also situated a large timeline made of posters, these were most noticeable as they were in uniform order and were very dark.

Overall I found the results of this project very insightful. Our main findings showed that the space was very fast moving and heavily text based installations to not work very well. We also found the people using the space were not very interested in the visuals of the space, however did pay more attention to the digital screens. Through this project we put the iterative process into practice, where our ideas were cyclically prototyped, tested and evaluated. The process was effective in gathering a range of initial ideas, in particular creating quick sketches and gaining feedback of what is effective and what to improve.


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