Interactive Installations Research

After looking at many examples of existing interactive installations, I have been inspired for my public screen project.

This video shows an interactive display using Processing and the Kinect. I quite like the use of the outline of the human body, instead of focusing on finer details. I would like to incorporate body outlines into my work, and also the use of plain block colours instead of tones and shades.

The shapes and colours used in the example video reminded me that of the default Facebook profile picture, therefore linking back to my concept of social media and online/offline personalities.


I like the use of simple outlines and block colours, and believe the style is easily recognised and connected to Facebook. The image also relates to different persona’s and identities represented and exhibited on online social media, and how behind the online persona there may be a completely different person. The aim of my interactive piece would be make people question the authenticity of online representations, do they really know the personality of the person who they are talking to?

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