Processing using Blob Detection

In order to create the silhouette effect for my interactive piece, which will resemble the facebook default profile picture, I looked at many of the processing libraries. One that stood out was the Blob Detection library.

The Blob Detection library is aimed at doing computer vision by finding ‘blobs’ on an image, that is to say areas whose brightness is above or below a particular value.

After looking at the code I noticed the camera highlights both blobs edges and a bounding box around the blob, however I was only interested in the blobs edges as this gave the silhouette effect I wanted to achieve, therefore I tweaked the code.


It became obvious that Blob Detection does not perform blob tracking, it only tries to find all blobs each frame it was fed with. The Blobs trace light not shape, therefore it didn;t achieve the look I wanted.


( please bear with poor camera quality)

It also became clear that I couldn’t add a fill to the blobs, and I would have liked to use the default facebook colours as they are easily recognised, and is somehting people would notice in the foyer, as it is a very busy environment and is hard to grab peoples attention, therefore I have decided not to use Blob Detection for my final piece. I will be looking for a way to create a silhouette effect, but also change the colour of the fill.

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