Design Iterations – Concept – Catfish


A concept that is explored in my work is the construction of identity, and how genuinely identities are portrayed online.  The internet has changed the manner in which people communicate and has provided outlets to facilitate seemingly realistic relationships, albeit without any physical contact (Rasmussen, 2014).

It is becoming increasingly popular that people are creating multiple, and not neccessarily accurate, personalities online. MTV’s show Catfish: The TV Show follows and exposes those who misuse social media by creating multiple fake online personas. The show clearly highlights the flaws of social media regarding connecting with new people. Toma and Hancock (2010) explore the self-representation and deception among users on social networking sites. They use experiments to measure physical attractiveness in profile presentations of online users. Results show that the lower online daters’ attractiveness, the more likely they were to enhance their profile photographs and lie about their physical descriptors such as height, weight and age. Alternately, the anonymity of the Internet may encourage more honest and intimate disclosures.

The subject of online personas in communicated in my work, as the image is related to Facebook, which is one of the most popular social networking websites at the present moment. The stripping of identity, by removing a persons face and replacing with the default profile picture represents the creation of online personas, and questions the authenticity of these personas.



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Toma, C. L., & Hancock, J. T., 2010. Looks and lies: The role of physical attractiveness in online dating self-presentation and deception.Communication Research, 37(3), 335-351.

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