Testing in foyer

While testing in the foyer, as seen in this video, the project did not fill the display fully, this was due to the small size I used in order to make the installation compatible to my laptop camera. For this reason I decided to use a macbook instead, using this code;


This allowed the code to fit the whole screen, filling the whole display instead of just a section.

After amending the code I was pleased with the outcome, the installation used face detection to swap the audiences face with the Facebook default picture, therefore taking away their personal identity and constructing a chosen online identity. It was formulated by Giddens (1990), the present day individual is constantly working on forming his own subjectivity by processing and interacting with masses of symbols and information. With the rapid increase of online social media websites, it is increasingly common to share and present an idealized-self online, in order to generate a response or to simply feel accepted, it is evident that “we are  becoming habituated to a culture in which we are all expected to monitor one another” (Andrejevic, 2007). I believe this message is being communicated in my installation by the removal of peoples faces, as the face is used to identify a person in day to day life, however in social media users create their own persona, all beginning with the same default image.

Andrejevic, M., 2007. iSpy Surveillance and Power in the Interactive Era. University of Kansas, 212-240.

DiMicco, J. M., & Millen, D. R., 2007. Identity management: multiple presentations of self in facebook. In Proceedings of the 2007 international ACM conference on Supporting group work (pp. 383-386). ACM.

Giddens, A., 1990. The Consequences of Modernity. Cambridge: Polity Press.


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