Testing in the foyer- the environment


After conducting the first test in Weymouth house, it was obvious that these screens were a much more effective display. From previous research it was highlighted that there was a large flow of staff and students in the area at either 10-5 to or 10-5 past every hour, when people were rushing to get to their destinations, however at times in between, and after 5pm, the area is quite empty. We noticed that the people going through the area would not pay attention to their surroundings at all, however people waiting in the queue for Costa or sitting in the chairs were almost always in groups, and were preoccupied in conversation with each other. This came to our benefit as the screens we were displaying our work on, were placed in plain sight from the queue, and also placed very close to the sofas, therefore would grab a lot of attention.

We also noticed the surrounding itself was extremely busy, with a lot of posters and activity on the walls. The walls themselves were coloured orange and white and the posters on the wall were very brightly coloured, and due to the extensive amount, very distracting. This helped redirected the audiences attention to the screens, as they were animated and did not blend in with the vast colours already cluttering the walls.

Overall I found that the screens were situated in a place where they received a large audience, therefore more people interacted with my work. Although the space was quite fast moving, I found that the screens were placed in eye catching areas, such as when you first entered the building, and when you were queueing at Costa. People in the space were not interested in visuals such as posters, however paid more attention to the digital screens.


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