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First year projects

Mini Brief Project

This project has not only enabled me to create work for my portfolio, it has also introduced me to a wider variety of new software and new tools, and has helped me develop my own skills.

We started this project by looking at the history of animation and we explored how animation has changed as digital media progressed. As part of the animation brief we were introduced to Adobe Flash. Unlike many others, I had never used Flash before and was not very confident in my ability of creating an animation using the program, however with some time I did create a small 15seconds animation, although is wasn’t the best, I was happy that I was able to produce something at all. Out of all the mini projects we participated in, I found this the least enjoyable, this maybe because the animation we produced was so short, and also I was not pleased with the quality of my own work. I found the program quite difficult to get used however with more practice I believe I could improve this. I will definitely continue to use Flash to make animations, as I know it is capable of producing some great outcomes such as the ones I had discovered while doing my research on the software.

I was also introduced to Blender, which I believe is an amazing open source software that could be used for infinite creative tasks. I particularly enjoyed using this software as I found it fascinating to see my own designs being build simultaneously while actually creating them. I experimented with text and animation with this software, both of which created good outcomes. I will most certainly continue to work with Blender to create more complex and aesthetically pleasing pieces of work. 

As a part of this project we also looked at photography, and how composition of a photograph helped make the photo aesthetically stronger and more pleasing. I understand that the found alphabet brief was to help us put these tools in action, also to help us see objects from a different viewpoint, however I was not pleased with the outcome of this brief, this is because of the poor equipment I used to take the photos. I believe I would have enjoyed this brief if I had used a better quality camera, and not my phones atrocious camera. Although the photos I produced were of poor quality, I am definitely looking to participate in some photography projects in the future, where I would put my knowledge on photo compositions into use, hopefully creating some beautiful photographs.

Another software I become accustomed to was Adobe After Effects. I used this to create my kinetic typography movies, which I particularly enjoyed making. I found that with this brief I could focus more on the aesthetics and design than technicality, unlike the Flash animation brief. I found creating the kinetic typography quite exciting as I had seen many of these videos previously and always desired to create something of my own. I went on to create a kinetic typography video of my own, which I uploded previously, after not being pleased with my previous attempts. In my opinion my recent attempt was of much higher standard as I had used a wider range of skills to create the video. I am aware that I have not come close to mastering Adobe After Effects, and there are some tools, such as the 3D camera, that I have not used, however I would definitely look to develop my knowledge of the program further.

Overall I believe this project was a success in introducing myself to new software, which will definitely come to use again. Although the outcome of my work may not have been of top quality, I am pleased that I have managed to explore and create something using these brand new tools. I will continue to try to improve my skills and will use these tools to progress my own work. 


Kinetic Typography own attempt

So after already producing two kinetic typography videos using After Effects I decided to give it another go. I wanted to make sure this time that the timing was a lot better and that visually the video was more pleasing.

For this video I chose to change the typefaces and font sizes in order to create some variation. I also changed the background colour to go with the music, and I believe it worked really well. However I believe it would have worked better if I used the 3D camera tool, however I could not get accustomed to using it, this is something I would definitely like to develop further. Overall I found using After Effects more enjoyable than any of the other mini projects as I liked the produced outcomes more.


I decided to create some simple 3D shapes and models using Blender.

I began by creating a few basic mesh shapes and experimented with the textures of these. I also played with lighting and creating light emitting surfaces. I later on added textures to my objects from the internet by using theUV unwrap option and UV editor mode.Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 15.08.50Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 15.08.20 Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 15.08.34

This is what my finished model looked like after I added different light sources, and textures to my objects. I also experimented with adding and editing text.

Blender Mini Brief

As part of the mini briefs project we have been introduced to an open-source program called Blender. Blender is a great software that can be used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, interactive 3D applications and video games.

Here is an example of the detailed work blender is capable of creating;

We started by doing some basic tutorials on how to create 3D objects and how to move and duplicate them within a 3D space. We also learnt keyboard commands that allowed us to do simple functions such as repeating the last command, moving the object along axis, and seeing your model in the cameras point of view. We also looked at how in ‘Cycles Render’ mode we can split the screen in order to see different previews, including an object preview and a low resolution render preview.

Photography mini brief

As part of this project we were to take part in a found alphabet photography task.  Our brief was to “spend time outside looking for ‘naturally-occurring’ shapes which can be photographically framed as letters from the alphabet. I decided to walk through Bournemouth gardens and the beach in order to capture letters which make my name. As easy as this sounds I personally found it quite difficult to see objects in a different light and look at things a little closer. I also found it was quite difficult as I used my mobile phone camera, therefore not capturing amazing shots.


I did eventually find some letters, however I believe to execute this task, or any photography task properly I would need a lot more time and a better camera, as my photos were not very impressive. I would definitely re-do this project over the summer or in my own time as it seems like with the right time and equipment it could be an enjoyable project to do.