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Creating my final piece using Processing

The original code for Face Detection uses an image, however I altered this to work on a live video feed, as my installation is to be interactive. It came to my attention that the image on the screen was flipped instead of a mirror, however I desired a mirror effect as people passed by.


After changing the width of the box in relation to the screen, and altering the code, I managed to have the face detection box mirroring the audiences positions, however the actual video feed was not. Resolving this was simple, as my initial idea concerned a block colour background the same colour as the facebook default profile picture, as it is my opinion that this colour is easily recognised by those who use facebook.

I then proceeded to upload the default facebook image in place of the rectangle which surrounds the face when detected.




The addition of the image created the look I desired, replacing peoples faces with the default photo, this portrays my theme of online identities using social media. I believe as people pass by they will easily recognise this as a symbol for facebook, and will question why it is covering their face. The installation should provoke thoughts of how we represent ourselves on social media, and how social media has grown and had such an impact on our lives.


Processing using Face Detection

After looking at some of the functions in the basic open cv library, I chose to experiment with face detection to implement in my interactive piece.

It has come to my attention Face detection will work better for my idea as it clearly detects a face on an image, whereas the blob detection only highlights the edges of an object by tracing the light, rather than shapes.


As shown in the example photo, Face Detection uses either an uploaded image, or the camera capture feature to detect faces in the frame.





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